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Adhere to the talent strategy of "introducing talents, fostering talents, and consolidating talents", and gather talents from all over the world to use them.

Foreign trade clerk
Basic salary + benefits, subsidies + royalties + social security; the expiration of the probation period is determined based on the level of similar personnel, and one year of employment is entitled to housing provident fund and paid annual leave.
Company Address: 7th Floor, No. 2 Tongfu Lane, Xiyulong Street, Chengdu
Phone: 028-86743651 028-86757056
Contact Fax: 028-86743571
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Loyal, diligent, practical, meticulous, agile, and good at communication;
Bachelor degree or above, those with achievements can be appropriately relaxed;
Graduates of English majors need to reach a professional level of 8; graduates of non-English majors must reach a public level of 6, and those who have achieved results can be appropriately relaxed;
Bachelor degree in mechatronics, international trade, economics, English, marketing, e-commerce, etc.
① Love the company, love foreign trade, and have the desire and determination to make it professional; interested in the sales of mechanical and electrical products;
② Agree with company philosophy and corporate culture;
③ Proficient in using computers to process various documents and office software, and make full use of various network platforms to expand business;
④ Able to withstand strong work pressure, with hard work and pioneering spirit;
⑤ Familiar with and understand all aspects of foreign trade business, master certain business skills, and have the ability to negotiate with customers independently;
有相关工作经验及业绩者优先。 ⑥ Have strong language communication skills and teamwork spirit; relevant work experience and performance are preferred.
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