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The company held the 2019 third quarter office meeting

作者:赵德晓 Published: 2019-10-09 20:44 Author: Zhao Dexiao

公司本部全体中层以上干部、投资企业川美、利拓、优迈特、贝莱公司班子成员在八楼会议室召开 会议。 At 2:30 pm on October 8, 2019, all members of the company's headquarters and middle-level cadres, members of investment companies Chuanmei, Lito, Umat, and Beale held a meeting in the conference room on the eighth floor . The meeting summarized the work in the third quarter and arranged the work in the fourth quarter. In the third quarter, all departments of the company's headquarters and investment companies achieved growth and achieved good results. Chairman Liu congratulated the company on behalf of the company and hoped that all departments and investment companies will continue to maintain a good momentum of development. The goal was successfully achieved, and strive to be more innovative and brilliant.

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