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The Party branch of the company held the "Special Organization and Life Meeting 2019"

作者:赵德晓 Published: 2019-09-05 20:09 Author: Zhao Dexiao

On August 30, the party branch of the machinery company held a special organization and life meeting for the year of “do not forget your original heart and keep in mind your mission”. Comrade Guo Xiaoya, secretary of the company's general branch, presided over the meeting, and Liu Jiadong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the foreign trade group, participated in the special organization and living conference as an ordinary party member, and provided special guidance.

At the meeting, Comrade Guo Xiaoya briefed on the implementation of the rectification of the problems found in the 2018 Democratic Life Conference and the solicitation of opinions on the thematic organization life conference in 2019, and made a comparative inspection on behalf of the Party branch. Members of the team carried out inspection and analysis one by one in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements of "four comparisons" and "four finds and one finds", made self-criticism and listened to critical opinions.

Comrade Liu Jiadong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Foreign Trade Group, highly praised and evaluated the organization and life. He pointed out that the company's general branch meeting was well-prepared, the political standing was high, the issues were examined sincerely, and criticism and self-criticism were in depth. The measures are solid and the quality of the conference is higher than in previous years. It is hoped that the company's general branch will continue to strengthen study and discussions in accordance with the requirements of the higher-level party committees, systematically review and investigate the content of thematic education and study, and hold well organized organizational meetings for all branches.

Finally, Comrade Guo Xiaoya stated in her concluding remarks that she would take this organization and life meeting as an opportunity to improve the quality and cohesion of the team, lead all the cadres and employees of the company, not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and contribute to the company's foreign trade development.

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