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CPC Machinery Branch Launched Party Day with the Theme of "Don't Forget Your Original Mind, Remember Your Mission"

作者:赵德晓 Published: 2019-12-01 16:40 Author: Zhao Dexiao

   “不忘初心,牢记使命”主题教育活动,推动我司党支部活动经常化,实效化。 In order to further carry out the educational activity on the theme of “Do n’t forget your original intention and keep in mind the mission”, we will promote the regularization and effectiveness of our Party branch activities. 2019 11 29 -30 日组织公司支部全体党员及入党积极分子前往邛崃市、邛崃市高河镇红军长征纪念馆考察学习。 On November 29-30 , 2019 , the company's party branch organized all party members and activists of the company branch to visit the Red Army Long March Memorial Museum in Gaohe and Gaohe Township, Gao City.

公司党总支书记郭晓娅 同志也 为大家上了一堂生动的党课;公司支部书记刘朝晖带领大家专题学习十九届四中全会精神、王凤朝副省长到商投集团调研时的讲话精神。 Comrade Liu Jiadong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Foreign Trade Group, participated in the theme party day activities of the branch as an ordinary party member and gave everyone a party lesson; Comrade Guo Xiaoya, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the company, also gave a lively party lesson; The spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Plenary Session and the spirit of Vice Governor Wang Fengchao's speech when he visited the China Merchants Group. 时刻牢记 不忘初心 牢记使命 ”,结合公司实际情况,认真把相关精神落实到具体工作中。 The branch requires the majority of party members to keep in mind "do not forget the original mind and mission, " and in accordance with the actual situation of the company, carefully implement the relevant spirit into specific work.

不忘初心 牢记使命 ”, 为实现伟大的中国梦而共同努力,为公司外贸事业再上新台阶做出新贡献。 All party members and activists have said that through this theme day event and party lessons, they have given us profound inspiration. We must always maintain the advanced nature of party members, "do not forget the mission and remember the mission ", in order to realize the great China Work together in dreams and make new contributions to the company's foreign trade cause to a new level.







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